Boat Antifouling Service

Take a look at our boat antifouling services and boatyard services to see how we can deal with your annual maintenance needs.

Antifoul Replenishment

Our expert team can deal with a whole spectrum of problems when it comes to antifoul.


Clean propellers and underwater machinery are the key to hassle free, efficient boating.

Anode Replacement

We source and correctly install all anodes required for your vessel, ensuring long term protection.

Boat Antifouling Services

If your boat is kept in the water, antifoul replenishment is vital year on year. Our team has extensive expertise in the preparation & application of antifoul, so we are very well placed to advise, evaluate and carry out all services to keep you moving efficiently through the year.

We pride ourselves on neat & tidy applications, as you can see in the before & after pictures.

We can deal with full scrape-offs, shot blasting, new boat installations and remedial works if your existing coating has adhesion problems.

Propeller & Underwater Machinery Descaling

Maintaining clean drive systems and underwater machinery, such as moving swim platforms, thrusters & rudders, is an integral part of yacht maintenance. Neglecting these areas will not only harm the performance and maneuverability of your craft but could result in costly repair bill in the future.

At South Coast Yacht Care, we use a combination of mechanical and liquid descaling, often burnishing after to give a fantastic smooth finish.

Anode Replacement

Propellers, shafts, outdrives, trim tabs, steel hulls, thrusters, swim platform structures & rams could all be protected by anodes. These come in all shapes and sizes and we use an extensive network of suppliers to source any anode your boat requires. We always ensure the correct fitment and continuation of protection for these vital components.

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hull cleaning and antifoul hull cleaned and antifoul
hull cleaning and antifoul hull cleaned and antifoul

Other Yacht Care Services

Want to know more or request an antifoul quote for your boat?

We like to take away all the of the chores and headaches of owning a boat, leaving you to enjoy your time on the water.

Using our extensive network of contacts within the marine industry, we can arrange mechanical servicing, rigging checks and much more at very competitive prices.

If you’d like to get in touch and ask us a question about antifoul or any of our yacht care services, please use the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.