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Why South Coast Yacht Care is the Best Choice for Boat Polishing Services

How to polish your boat

South Coast Yacht Care are considered the best boat polishers for a reason. With over 10 years in the business of detailing and valeting yachts they know a thing or two about keeping your yacht looking its best! So let’s jump in!

Firstly, there’s the right and wrong way to polish your boat. Many “polished” surfaces are riddled with holograms of buffer trails so if you want to avoid these, keep reading.

Here are our top tips for polishing your boat:

  1. Clean all the boats surfaces, including the bow, hull, stern and gunwale.
  2. Make sure the surfaces are free from dirt, grit and marine life.
  3. Set up a bright light so you can see any imperfections. 
  4. Use a power tool to take the pain out of polishing.
  5. Each time you polish your boat you should use a fresh pad.
  6. Contaminated polishing pads will reduce the effectiveness of the polisher or even damage the surface.
  7. Use a reputable compound like Meguiar’s M6732 One Step Compound.
  8. Polish sections of your boat at a time – don’t get ahead of yourself.
  9. Polish in a circular or snake like motion.
  10. Once the compound has been worked, use a microfibre cloth to remove the excess. 
  11. For best results finesse the area with subsequent polishing stages, always wiping with a cloth.

Earning the title of "Best Boat Polishers"

If that all sounds like a headache to you then South Coast Yacht Care can certainly help.

South Coast Yacht Care polish boats every day the weather allows it. From Eastbourne to Poole they’ve earned their place in the industry as expert boat detailers. Over the years they’ve come to realise that you can buy a £30,000 boat or a £3,000,000 boat and 95% of the time it will have defects present. Most manufacturers don’t have the time or knowledge to deal with this. As a result, boats are delivered to the dealer or client far from looking their best.

But fear not, that’s what they do best and they love it!

Dull gelcoat or painted surfaces invariably require a machine polishing service to restore a high gloss & even shine. Every boat is judged individually as to what combination of polisher, head & compound is required to produce the very best yacht valeting results.

They always go the extra mile to ensure there are no defects left on the surface of your boat and just love doing 50/50 comparisons of polished vs non polished surfaces. See them below!

before boat polish after boat polish

Put the "best boat polishers" through their paces

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