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How to Bring Your Teak or Fiberglass Deck Back to Life with South Coast Yacht Care

How to refinish your boats teak deck

Boat teak deck restoration helps maintain the health and aesthetics of your wooden deck. It can be a time consuming job and the larger the yacht the bigger the problem.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight and salt water will eventually have an impact on the finish of your yachts teak decking…that’s where we come in. 

South Coast Yacht Care are experts in boat detailing, including teak restoration. Here will tell you all about the process of restoring your teak deck but we’ve also included a time-lapse video of our most recent teak care job on a beautiful boat down Brighton Marina. 

Teak deck restoration process

First we start by preparing the teak decking for refinishing. We often find that decks look dull, weathered or have algae and mould growing on them so we must thoroughly clean the surface.

We’ll begin by washing the deck, applying a non-biocide soapy solution and then work it into the surface with a brush. 

Now it’s time to get down and dirty with sponges and toothbrushes for the hard to reach areas. We make sure no part of the teak deck is left untouched and once we’re satisfied, we’ll give the teak a final wash down.

After the deck has been left to dry (we sometimes have to get the hair dryer out) we set about applying the teak brightening solution. We methodically go over the surface with a sponge and a small brush doing our best to keep within the natural lines of the wood.

We then repeat this process anywhere up to three times, depending on the quality of the damaged teak.

Lastly, we let all the coats dry, pop the kettle on, wipe down all the surfaces and wait for the gasps from our delighted customers. 

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A teak deck can really enhance the visuals of your yacht or boat. Wooden decks are a high risk area for damage. We can help bring them back to life using various methods of teak renovation.

We can also arrange mechanical servicing, rigging checks and much more. 

Speak to us about how we can care for and repair your yacht.

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