Ceramic Pro Marine Coating

Welcome to Ceramic Pro Coatings. The global leader in protective coatings for the marine industry, and we’re proud to be Approved Applicators.

UV Protection

Ceramic Pro Marine extends the life of a polished gelcoat or painted surface and dramatically increases gloss levels.


Ceramic Coatings introduce hydrophobicity to any surface it is applied too. Water is repelled by the coating.


Cleaning times reduced on coated areas, less downtime lost to polishing and reduces drag when applied below the waterline.

Ceramic Pro Coating - Marine

Ceramic Pro is a nanoceramic protection system. It is based on a unique formula of ceramic molecular compounds.

It is certified by the International Maritime Organisation and boasts a global network of applicators in over 80 countries.

Unlike other coatings, Ceramic Pro Marine is 100 times thicker than others, and as such, offers unrivalled durability in the harsh environments that boats endure. Think of it as an invisible clear coat for almost any surface.

The coating has a hardness of 9H (most close paints are 4H) and entirely chemical resistant, meaning the only thing that removes it, is abrasion.  

Benefits of Ceramic Coating your Boat

  • Super Hydrophobic, causing water to bead off. 
  • Ceramic Pro is barnacle and weed resistant so can be used as a form of antifoul.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Blocks UV damage.
  • Can be used on paint, stainless steel, rubber and plastic.
  • Other specialist Ceramic Pro products can be used on fabrics, glass, RIB tubes and even teak decks.  

Application of Ceramic Pro Marine

Here comes the unique bit…South Coast Yacht Care are one of only a handful of companies in the UK that has the expertise to produce defect free results when polishing. 

Every surface that is to be coated has to be perfect in appearance, as any defects present will be locked in by Ceramic Pro and therefore uncorrectable at a later stage.

Multi-stage polishing, cleaning and preparation is the norm with this system  – as the saying goes “it’s all in the preparation”.

Only once we are happy with the surfaces, we begin the processes of applying the primers and coats of ceramic.

pro marine ceramic coating boat hull pre treatment pro marine ceramic coating boat hull after treatment
Ceramic Coating Pro Marine Before Application Ceramic Coating Pro Marine After Application

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We like to take away all the of the chores and headaches of owning a boat, leaving you to enjoy your time on the water.

Ceramic Pro is an unrivalled product and we are extremely proud to be an approved applicator. 

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