Marine Detailing

Getting the very best finish from any surface of your yacht our marine detailing service will help make your boat stand out. 

Zero Defects

Defect free gelcoat and paint We can remove these defects leaving your boat looking better than new!

It's in the Detail

The list is almost endless as to what can be detailed on a boat. Glass, plastic, wood, gelcoat, paint, metal and so on.

Zero Waste

Often, detailing an item can save it from being replaced. We're committed to providing sustainable solutions.

Marine Detailing

Marine detailing may not be a term you’re familiar with. In the automotive sector, detailing has been around for many years. Within the marine sector, it really is rather new.

So what is Marine Detailing?

Detailing means to make any surface as good as it can be by way of polishing, cleaning and rectifying faults.

Unfortunately the biggest problem we face every day is holograms or buffer trails within a gelcoat or painted surface. These are most likely caused by polishing with contaminated polishing heads, dirty surfaces or being just compounded with a lambs wool polisher and not finessesed with subsequent polishing stages.

Sad to say, you can buy a £30,000 boat or a £3,000,000 boat and 95% of the time it will have these defects present. Most manufacturers don’t have the time or knowledge to deal with this and as a result, boats are delivered to the dealer or client far from looking their best.

The good news is, our team are experts at it! 

Take a look at the before & afters and ask yourself if you have noticed a similar problem on your boat. On a bright sunny day they should be easy for you to spot.

Internal Detailing 

Detailing can also be carried on into the interior of your boat. For example, Interior metals are prone to corrosion and as you can see in the pictures, South Coast Yacht Care will make these items look new again.

pro marine ceramic coating boat hull pre treatment pro marine ceramic coating boat hull after treatment
Ceramic Coating Pro Marine Before Application Ceramic Coating Pro Marine After Application

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We like to take away all the of the chores and headaches of owning a boat, leaving you to enjoy your time on the water. Using our extensive network of contacts within the marine industry, we can arrange mechanical servicing, rigging checks and much more at very competitive prices. 

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