Boat Valeting Services

Choose from a selection of internal & external boat valeting options or get the whole package and we’ll bring your boat back to life. Let us do the hard work so you can concentrate on boating!


Keeping growth and pollutants at bay is vital to your enjoyment and the functionality of your boat.


Rectifying faults and degraded surfaces contribute to a ‘shipshape’ condition.


Preserving the residual value of your boat comes as a natural benefit of our yacht care services.

Boat Valeting

A plethora of services are available to your boat, and a valet can include many different services.  Whether sail or motor, the team at South Coast Yacht Care will treat your pride & joy as if it were our own. Have a look at our recent projects.

Wash & Dry Services

Every valet service starts here.  Removal of ingrained dirt and growth is vital to the success of any exterior services we provide. Environmentally friendly & ph balanced shampoos and cleaners are used to get your boat squeaky clean. Anti-slip decks are deep cleaned and all mineral stains are removed from gelcoat, windows & metal which contributes hugely to that ‘just polished’ look.

Polishing & Compounding

Dull gelcoat or painted surfaces invariably require a machine polishing service to restore a high gloss & even shine. Every boat is judged individually as to what combination of polisher, head & compound is required to produce the very best marine valeting results.

Metal Polishing

A very important aspect of your boats aesthetics is the stainless steel. Both sail & motorboats have a huge amount of it and when cleaned & polished properly, it really is the icing on the cake.

Vinyl & Leather Seat Cleaning

Ingrained dirt can be tricky to clean from vinyl & leather seats. The right techniques and cleaners are vital to the appearance and durability of these items, and they can be a big part of any boat so getting them looking right is key.

Interior Valet

We pride ourselves on our keen eye for detail, and none less so than when servicing your interior spaces. We have specialist machines to clean textiles, expertise to safely remove all types of pollutants and the care to deliver first class results. Why do the hardwork when we can do it for you?

Sail & Canvas Cleaning

Keeping sails and canopies in tip top condition can be a labourious and drawn out exercise. We can remove them and deliver them to a trusted contractor for cleaning and re-proofing. Why is this important? When moisture settles into stitching, it can rot away resulting in failure and thus costly repairs. This happens if the waterproofing protection on the material has broken down & degraded and usually needs reapplying every 2 – 3 years.

Engine Room & Bilge Valet

The beating heart of any boat is the engine room. Where moisture is the enemy and the bilges are your early warning system of any problems. Needless to say, clean & dry surfaces throughout are of utmost importance. We use cleaners that are far beyond what you can buy in a chandlery, and we always handle & dispose of waste in a responsible way. 

Perspex & Acrylic Renovation

Plastic components such as windows and hatches are prone to damage such as scratching and UV damage. We can work with these materials to correct most faults, giving a number of benefits; better appearance, more daylight released into interior or cockpit spaces and giving you a better view out.

boat washing before boat cleaning after
La Rever was cleaned and polished by South Coast Yacht Care and I have never seen her looking so good.

Considering she is now over 6 years old she actually looks better than when I first picked her up brand new. I highly recommend David Paxton and his team as they are perfectionists and the quality of their work is excellent. I feel like I’ve just got a brand new boat again! "

John Moore

Brighton Marina Yacht Club - Motor Section

I cannot recommend South Coast Yacht Care enough.

They have always delivered a great service on time and at a reasonable price. David especially is very knowledgeable and was able to transform my boat with gelcoat renovation and a new set of modern stripes!



Boating without South Coast Yacht Care would be a chore!

They take away all of the headaches of owning a boat and make it a pleasure. I’ve recommended them to other boat owners within the Marina who have all had similar experiences.

Iain Maclean

Chatuge III & Junaluska

Other Yacht Care Services

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We like to take away all the of the chores and headaches of owning a boat, leaving you to enjoy your time on the water.

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