Boat Management Services

South Coast Yacht Care provide tailor made boat management services to suit you and your vessels needs. 


We can provide all your provisions for an enjoyable time onboard. We can source, deliver and stow away all the necessities you require.


We carry out mechanical and visual checks to your yacht and all onboard systems, ensuring everything is how it should be when you arrive.



Maintenance or repair of onboard systems, machinery or fittings can be dealt with in an efficient manner with us managing the work.

Yacht Management Service

Boat management is a bespoke service that South Coast Yacht Care offer, meaning we’ll do as much or as little for your boat as you want. From weekly line checks to complete management of everything related to your vessel. 

We can also ensure the on board stocks are replenished after every use. We’ll make sure your bedding and towels are dry cleaned and we’ll also fill up your fuel and water tanks. We tailor a yacht care package that is suitable for you and your boats needs. You’ll be able to set sail as soon as you arrive onboard. 

If you require engineering, installation or rigging services, we can use our extensive list of contacts to get your craft the very best service at a highly competitive price.

We can take away all of the chores of boating, leaving you solely with the task of enjoying your time on board. 

Boat Management | South Coast Yacht Care

Other Yacht Care Services

Want to know more or arrange a boat management service?

We like to take away all the of the chores and headaches of owning a boat, leaving you to enjoy your time on the water. Using our extensive network of contacts within the marine industry, we can arrange mechanical servicing, rigging checks and much more at very competitive prices. 

If you’d like to get in touch and ask us a question about any of our yacht care services, please use the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.